CheckOutXP: The Personal Performance Monitor
Have you ever had to "wait" on your Windows XP PC?  Does your word processor get weary,  your spreadsheet turn sluggish or your browser become blah?  Have you ever wondered what to do when this happens?

CheckOutXP is the "personal" PC performance monitor that alerts, informs and identifies the performance problems that can slow down your desktop or laptop PC.  There are lots of products that help you manage your corporate servers.  Now there is something to help you with the computer you use most often, your own PC.

Personal computers have four main parts: processor, memory, disk and network.  When any of these components becomes overloaded your computer programs can slow down or even stop.  CheckOutXP helps you quickly find the overloaded part of your computer so you can fix the problem and get back to normal running in a flash.
How does CheckOutXP help you? It starts as a simple green light that you will always find sitting on your Windows Desktop.  This means that CheckOutXP is there keeping an eye on your entire computer and that everything is OK.
It pays to keep ALERT! When CheckOutXP detects a problem it immediately lets you know by changing to a Yellow or Red light.  This alerts you to the fact that a critical system component, needed for smooth operation, is overloaded.  Whenever you feel your system getting slow, just check with CheckOutXP to confirm that things are not right.  CheckOutXP is always there watching out for you!
Stay INFORMED about the health of your PC!  CheckOutXP just doesn't stop with problem alerts.  With a single click on the CheckOutXP status light, CheckOutXP pops up a summary to tell you how busy your four critical system components are.
CheckOutXP displays both warning lights and usage numbers for all of your PC's key components.  At
a glance you can see how much of your Processor, Memory, Disk and Network
is being used.
IDENTIFY the source of your problems!  It isn't enough to know where the problem is ... you need to know what's causing it!  With a simple click on the problem component-line, CheckOutXP closes the popup and opens a main window giving you the details so you can identify the cause of the current bottleneck that's eating your PC and slowing you down.
Dig into the dirty details!  CheckOutXP also provides you with detailed information about all aspects of your PC's internal operation.  For example, just right-click on the "Process Name", in CheckOutXP's main window, and you can instantly Google that name to find out what it is and why it's on your PC.

Beyond that, the main window also provides five detailed information buttons that show easy-to-understand displays, so that technicians AND non-technicians can understand what is going on.

The five main areas of detailed analysis are:

  • Program statistics (shown above)
  • Disk drive usage
  • Disk File statistics
  • Network card usage
  • Network (TCP/IP) Connection statistics
Contact information:
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                                            Windows XP operating system, is available
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                     How to install - The trial software will download as the file
                                            CHECKOUTXP102.ZIP.  Open the ZIP file
                                            and double-click the program SETUP.EXE.
                                            Follow the instructions on the screen.
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CheckOutVista, for the Windows Vista operating systems, is coming soon!